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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Surya and Trisha Enter into Bollywood

Its the time for the kollywood actors and actresses penetrate into the bollywood cinema industry. The latest and updated news in the kollywood is that the famous actor Surya and actress Trisha going to perform their roles in Hindi films.

Surya has been offered a lead role in Ram Gopal Verma's next movie "Rakta Charitra". This movie is simultaneously made in Hindi and Tamil. The film will be made in two parts and Surya will be introduced precisely of first part. Vivek Oberoi will be the Surya's co-star in this movie.

Trisha is the cute actress in the kollywood industry who debuted in the tamil movie "Leysa Leysa". Now she enter into bollywood cinema industry through the movie "Khatta Meetha" where she will be the ladylove of Akshay Kumar. The movie is produced by Hari Om Productions.


History has shown that while Hindi films welcomes with open arms heroines from the South, it can never accept heroes from the South. Case in point Kamal Hassan and Rajnikanth were flash in the pans. They were reduced to playing supporting roles in Hindi films. The best that Surya can hope for is that he creates an impact in the film (being a Ram Gopal Varman film I don't have much hope for that)and lets the Hindi speaking belt see what a fantastic actor he is and what they are losing out by not watching Tamil films.
I would like to a add a postscript to that. As to Trisha, she is not the best actress that Tamil film has to offer. One thing though -- at least in Hindi she will be forced to speak in her own voice while in Tamil films she has her voice dubbed. What a shame!And she being a Tamilian! What has Tamil films come down to when an actress does not even need to speak in her own voice!
Asin has a much bigger chance of making it big in Hindi films than Trisha.
yeah welcome to the world of bollywood
ohh man, tamil movies
Hey Welcome to our World both of them :) hope you will get a bright future here.



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